Within Minutes of
Schuss Mtn.
8 min
10 min
                   East Jordan  30min
 25min       Grayling 35min     Mancelona  5min    Petosky    35 min
          Torch Lake 10min
Traverse City

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There are so many beautiful places to see in the area, it is beyond description.  Pat and I have spent hours and hours exploring back roads and trails in or around Green Lake, Bellaire, Alden, around the Traverse & Torch Lake area, we just get in the car and drive. We always find great spots to have picnics or to just sit and talk.  There are fish hatcheries, scenic turnouts and walks, great rivers to canoe, state forests with gorgeous little inland lakes. Here is a pdf file you can print out with a 'map' of the area and sights of interest.


We also enjoy going into each of the small towns along the way and walk through the shops. We have found numerous little restaurants to get the best burgers anywhere! 

In our little gated community you will see an abundance of wildlife.  Deer, Fox, Eagles, Osprey, Turkey and Raccoons and there have even been reports of Black Bear sightings in the area.

Below is a link to DNR Access Sites nearby to put in boats or Jet Ski's.



Green Lake

The name should have been Emerald Lake. The gorgeous color of the water is beyond the word 'green'. During certain periods in the summer, it can also be described as a "Caribbean blue". The 44 acre spring fed lake is located at the base of the hill the home sits on...this lake has challenging Bass and Pan Fish. You can literally sit on the dock for hours, catching Blue Gill and Bass, the kids (big and small) will have a ball. It is a quiet lake, designated as hand carry craft only and it enjoys NO WAKE status by the DNR. That means, no gas motors are allowed, only electric motors. Its beauty is unspoiled and it will remain so. What you see now, is how it will always appear, we and the other residents and property owners take great pride in its crystal clear water and naturally pristine shorelines. We ask that you respect the lake, the property and our neighbors should you spend time at our home.

If you own Jet Skis, or a boat you trailer, there are numerous large lakes within 15-30 minutes to launch your craft and explore.

We encourage that you visit Torch Lake, Clam Lake, Lake Bellaire, Intermediate Lake, Grand Traverse Bay, Petoskey and the East Jordan River Valley, all which offer beautiful clear water and the 'excitement' of larger lakes. The Grass River area is gorgeous and connects Bellaire Lake to the Clam Lake to Torch Lake...in fact, all lakes lead to the Grand Traverse Bay, this

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Grass River Nature Area

A short drive from the house on Alden Highway, you can pull in and take a walk.  Pat and I have also done the tour by water from Clam Lake into the Grass River (no wake cruise) into Lake Bellaire with our Zodiac.  It took us about an hour each way, we enjoyed a nice lunch during the no wake cruise through the river. You can also do the opposite, go to Lake Bellaire and cruise into the Grass River from there...either way, it is a GORGEOUS cruise!

The Grass River Natural Area is a 1,165 acre preserve comprised of wetlands and wildlife habitat. Miles of trails provide for enjoyable walking, bird watching, and wildflower identification. The non-profit GRNA offers over a hundred organized hikes and classes, all year round.

Grass River Nature Area

Six short nature trails in mixed habitat. The Grass River Natural Area is a 1,000-acre mix of habitats: upland forests, fields, creeks, rivers, marshes, and swamps. Naturalists have identified more than 60 species of fish, reptiles, and amphibians here, as well as 400 different species of plants. The area encompasses the Grass River, which is a short connecting waterway joining Clam Lake and Lake Bellaire, both part of the Chain of Lakes in Antrim County. The natural area offers a close-up view of wetland flora and fauna, as well as other habitats. Special attractions: Hundreds of species of plants, 65 species of birds, 35 species of fish, and 33 species of reptiles and amphibians.